Monday, September 4, 2017

Brains are a fickle thing.. Brain, Heart.. transient attack?

I got back from CA (Humira study stuff) Fri night, unpacked, settled and back in my norm pretty quickly. I was by my Parents Sat for supper and a few hours after that, after I'd been home a little while I had a sudden onset of some really unusual symptoms which at first I didn't think to much of.
The initial symptoms quickly turned in to numbness  that quickly spread to 1 entire side of my body, thinking was really weird, trying to type a message to my Dad and then to call him (then trying to type in his # on my phone to actually call) took I bet 10mins for something that's 2nd nature. It was WEIRD!!!

Once I finally got my Dad on the phone I just asked if he'd come take me to the ER (which anyone who knows me even slightly well knows I HATE ERs). We went to the ER in BD after I'd called the on-call Adult Congenital Cardiologist who advised getting to an ER and getting brain imaging done + keep them updated.
 In the interim I had posted something on fb as well about the symptoms and a few of my drs., saw the message + where private messaging me to see what was going on and to make sure I was in fact going to the ER and that the ER was going to do imaging.

While waiting for my Dad I managed to 1/2 walk, 1/2  drag myself from my living room to my bedroom (my Apt is not huge but this was quite the process)  to take an early dose of the baby aspirin I take every morning and my Lovenox (blood thinner) dose early + pack a few things just in case.

Once we had gotten to the local ER they did a CT Scan, labs and then we sat there for what felt like eons  (6hrs I believe, the Ambulance guys where a but taken aback by this long delay actually in the transfer though maybe there was a reason I don't really know) till the ER made the decision to transfer  and then eventually decided to transfer to UW.
      UW ER did more lab work, an Brain and other MRI with and without contrast and few other basic tests but the basic thinking is I probably had a transient ischemic attack  (basically a stroke that passes I guess) and since I am already on blood thinners (Lovenox) and Baby Aspirin they would let me go home. The Neurology folks at UW gave me the name of a Neurology Provider I need to see this wk at UWwho fups on all ER stroke Pts and I am  to also have my Cardiology Team do an Echo + go from there.
   Fun, fun, FUN!?!? (Not so much though glad the symptoms and issue passed, even I was a bit worried!!!!)
I left a message for my Cardiology Team (it's Labor day today) and will call the Neurology office tomorrow. I do see my Peds Neurosurgery Provider later this wk so a lot to follow up on but thankfully most things where just transient and did not last!!!!
If I had to guess given Dr.Earing (Cardiology) mentioned concerns he had about my just being on the Lovenox and not Coumadin and he had if I remember right felt there was a higher risk for blood clots I'd guess he'd opt to add back the (Coumadin)  but also keep the Lovenox injections for some time (or atleast till we got the shunt stuff hopefully sorted).

Neurosurgery Resident - the shunts are a pain in the arsh to re-program and adter a bit of re-trying he not only listened (a good thing!!) he got them!     
Stay tuned I guess?
Prayers are always appreciated! I fully believe it is because of God this episode and other things I have experienced or been through have not been worse. - I am grateful to know my God's forgiveness and love!


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