Monday, September 25, 2017

Neuro Stroke Appt; Cleared for Surgery (benefits outweight risks)

Neuro Stroke Appt today went well, I will admit I was a little nervous although not bc of the actual appt or anything they might say (what could they say?) but b/c surgery tomorrow hinged on approval from the Neuro-stroke Team.
The 2 Providers I saw (2 NPs, I really liked them) seemed to have actually done quite a bit of homework on my background, what my MPS diagnosis is and how that might play in to the TIA episode.  When in the ER/In-pt overnight the actual Neuro-Stroke MD had seen me and the 1 NP works with him + the other I believe she said was training. Anyways they feel the episode likely was a TIA which is what the ER at BD and then at UW had felt as well. This NP just said with TIA there is no real way they can "prove" this but based on symptoms that is what they all feel it was and not a stroke or something else. Likely cause from my heart valves / cardiac risk factors.
As a side note (and I read this to when learning more about these 2 things after the episode) did you know a TIA is an episode with stroke like symptoms but temporary/transient in nature - so usually or likely in my case caused by a blood clot or something from heart valves breaking off I believe she said and goes to the brain + temporarily blocks blood flow. A stroke simply (or not simply) means it's an episode that causes same symptoms but permanent damage evident on imaging (usually MRIs).

 Ultimately after much exams on their part and all the different Neuro tests they do, talking, sharing information, their asking a million questions (not a bad thing) they said they had been in touch with my Neurosurgeon as he had questions if surgery would be ok/safe. The consensus is that in a elective surgery they'd want to wait 9mo (wow! having something to do with risks and healing and may have been something else I'm forgetting) but b/c mine isn't really an elective surgery and benefits to this surgery out weight the risks they gave their "okay" and surgery can proceed. I do not know if there will have to be extra monitoring during surgery but am just glad surgery can go fwd!

The LP Shunt revision is scheduled for 10:00 arrival (pre-op check in and all that jazz) then 12:00 surgery if all runs on time. My infusion Nurse (ah I LOVE her!!!) accessed my Port today after I was done at UW so that is good to go for tmrw. I think I am packed (I bring my own comfy shirts and pants) and hopefully get a little sleep tonight - I haven't gotten much the last few nights and I don't generally sleep very good in hospitals! And to hopefully good Nurses, a bunch of my favorites took clinic jobs (I see them just won't see them on the floor and Traci, my favorite will come up to visit b/c she's kinda AWESOME! =D)
Will try to update in next day or so and facebook for sure.

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