Thursday, December 15, 2011

Neurosurgery fup

I had fup appt this morning with neurosurgery and she removed all of the sutures, staples and dressings including the dissolvalble sutures (because she said she was impressed with how irritated my skin got even from these). The only thing left in was the dissolvable sutures in my head incision but the staples and dressing where removed there. In total 6 incisions are now free and I can wash my hair in total tomorrow which will be great as it has been incredibly itchy to both from the dressings and from bacitracin ointment they used over the sutures and under the staples/dressing. We talked about what could be causing the pinching at the R side of my reservoir/valve and she said it's possible it is either from drainage or from a disconnected piece from how they inserted the shunt (xrays where done the aftenoon after the surgery though) or that something ir irritated and/or possibly the ventricle collapsing when CSF is draining though that to would be odd (but not impossible) since we have the second valve in place. What I do know is ive not experienced this sensation before so it's a litte unusual.

She ordered a shunt series (xrays) and a add-in brain MRI which they got the radiology dept to do right away this afternoon to. I should know the results of xray series and the brain MRI in the next day or so. Otherwise if it doesnt show anything like a disconnected piece she to use her words 'doesnt want to torture me during the holidays' so we are hoping these symptoms improve or at the very least dont get worse as my headaches actually arent to bad - they defintiely arent perfect but they arent as bad as they have been sy before this 2nd valve was put in 2 surgeries ago (about 60-70% improved) so we're hoping the shunt just doesnt occlude and symptioms keep improving. I fup with her as long as nothing gets worse in a month.  On a good note the CSF culture from last weeks surgery also remains negative which means I should finish the linezolid (zyvox) next tues - I will be thrilled!! I am tired of being tired from it and taking a nap just about every day bc it makes me so tired!

Happy Holiday wishes,


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