Monday, December 5, 2011

5:30/7:30 arrival/surgery (shunts)

Surgery at 7:30 - arrival 5:30. (Dr.Bragg does this when I am her only adult pt that day so that she doesnt get caught up in Peds neurosurgery cases and so I dont  have to wait around for her with no definite time). This means leaving my house 4:15 my parents house 4:30.  My Mom is attending my Great Aunt's funeral so will just be my Dad and I.

Pre-op called today and then the Pharmacist called (severaltimes) - as well as an email from my neurosurgerns nurse confirming the antibiotics to be cont'd. I will still take the cipro (UTI) and zyvox (linezolid-CNS/shunt infection) tomorrow morning along with all other meds other than the lasix which is usually given later in the day in these cases. Im not entirely sure how long i'll be in-patient but hoping to be out by the weekend as my sister in law and niece are coming and spending the weekend + they, myself, my sister and my Mom are going shhopping sat and baking sun. I know i'll be beating up on myself after this big of surgeries but will do what I can handle and by that point as long as out of the hospital will be craving some normalcy regardless of how I feel!

My infusion nurse left my Port accessed after infusion today so that is in place for surgery tomorrow and the only thing will be if anesthesia needs to do an arterial line and/or place a 2nd bigger peripheral vein which they often do in addition to the Port access. Non the less one down is nice!

I'll update when I can either tues night or Weds.
Saying my own prayers for this to all go well and the CSF cultures to come back negative for any residual infection!


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