Friday, December 2, 2011

Communication: the ever elusive issue?

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To continue on the theme of yesterday - communication. So I think I mentioned that my neurosurgeons nurse e-prescribed a continuation of the antibiotic my PCP prescribed as neurosurgery wanted it extended up till the morning of surgery but that my PCP felt it only needed to be for 3 days. (that is the recomendation for an uncomplicated UTI which this would fall under since although I do take a bladder med for retention issues I have had no issues of a UTI symptoms). So anyways I get a message back from my PCP today se still feels only 3 days is required but I should do what I feel is right... Ummm, ok????? I do really like this provider and I also really like my neurosurgeon and her nurse very much but since when is a patient supposed to be in the middle??? I know my PCP left a message for the nurse w/her antibiotic recomendation but it wasnt with my Nrsgns nurse and I dont think she ever actually talked to anyone on the phone beyond that VM.. Ive done all I can (and more) as a patient to smooth edges and presumably feelings in this matter but feel like no matter which way I take this I am stepping on toes - I dont think I have a choice but to take the extra 5 daysof antibiotic till tues mornings surgery given we need to know for certain there is no infection given we are already taking out the 2 shunts because of a different unrelated infection and im not sure if they will have to cath or not during surgery (foley) usually depends on length of surgery and if my neurosurgeon will have me lying flat for 24-28 hrs due to the spine portion of the LP shunt removal. I can understand neurosugeries concern given my history of UTIs over the past 5-6 month (due to the laminectomy and LP shunt revision-catheter placement in May and resulting nerve + bladder issues.) and desire to be extra cautious with this in preventing a infection post surgery to but also am more than a bit confused on why this has even turned in to the saga it has between these 2 providers. Who knows!?!

So readers, im curious how do you deal with providers disagreeing (in the MPS world is so frequent atleast in my experience) and how do you decide when providers give differing opinions? Im definitely struck time and time again by how often patients are (probably unintentionaly) put in the middle in not only diferring opinions but also making sure providers share info, communicate (or dont), and in trying to decide what to do.  

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  1. When we've had disagreements over treatments, usually, our PCP will consult with another specialist and get a more informed opinion to prove or disprove the question.

    Typically, for something like a UTI, I would say that I'd trust a PCP's opinion over a neurosurgeon's opinion, because a PCP seems more UTIs. But in this case, it seems to me that your neurosurgeon's concern about making sure you're infection free before surgery trumps your PCP's opinion. I would just explain the surgeon's rationale to your PCP. I can't figure that your PCP would have any hard feelings.

    Just another two cents.