Friday, December 9, 2011

Post-op day 3 - Discharge, post 2

I just need to vent and this is the place I do it. So i got discharged as planned - I didnt hear from my neurosurgeon as she was in surgery so didnt get a chance to ask her what I wanted to (kind of makes it feel like there  are things un-finished when this happens but I get they are busy).  I guess when I have to ask the nurse every little question and for help on things that other nurses just automatically do (re-covering incisions, how to remove the Port access needle, meds, erc) and I am already overly tired from being unvcomfortable sleeping (pain is controlled just hard to find a good laying position) then all those otherwise little things really get to you. I didnt mind this nurse and she was nice it just felt like there was alot of things that werent done and we scrambled to do after I was already down in the Pharmacy-discharged. I guess as the patient I dont want to have to tell a nurse what needs to be done or ask for help on very little things. I already dislike asking people for help so topple that with my being exhausted and I just felt/feel unsettled.   I also know the more specialists you get invovled the more chaotic communication can get but in this case I felt like there was simply 0 communication between my surgery team and the Infectious disease team. Simple things like who was going to write the lab work order - each told me something different and then not providing their contact info even though im supposed to fax them lab results and/or if any issues with side effects of meds. We knew id need to be on the Zyvox (linezolid) for another 2 weeks so why would they wait until the day of discharge to try and get those prior auths??? If there is one thing that irritates the piss out of me this is surely it - I even asked on weds if this shouldnt be started on and then yesterday they told me it had been. (it wasnt). I dislike I think most of all how they have a NP on the floor who does the discharges - I just personlly think it would go sooooo, soooo much more smoothly if it where done by the patients own providers who've been in on all the communications and rounds and thus know what all is going on vs guessing in the end before discharge. The nthe NP never communicates and so you literally feel like even though you've dealt with this stuff before that she doesnt care and isnt going to listen albeit it would clearly make the process faster. I usually bring in 2 of my meds because of the brand they are -Dad had to run back up and get these thankfully he remembered as pharmacy and the nurses hadnt. It honestly was just one thing after another and to tired to think rationally. I especially hate that things are left in to the weekend and will have to be dealt with/figured out on mon - I always, always prefer to be discharged and things just run smoothly! COMMUNICATION!!!

I do still have the stapes and dressing in my head - my neurosurgeon had talked about removing this before I left (there are stitches underneath to) but I guess either the residents didnt think of it to come back or my dr had planned to do it but got busy. I know tomorrow i'll just deal with it and figure out how to make it coverable but it is much bigger this time than usual (she usually makes the residents cover it with a much smaller piece of teflex/staples) but said she had been closing another area when she realzied they had already put it in. This is life i guess. I just sincerely pray this is it for awhile - that the blurry vision improves and as does low back discomfort and headaches get back to a good place (they atrent so bad right now kind of up and down but hopefully improve more),  I get all the staples, dressings and stitches out next thues so will be happy about that and will ask my dr if there is anything I/we can do to manage the eye issues till they improve - I dont know that there is anything but was just what I had planned to ask her more about today. (we talked about it some the other day).

I k now I sound whiny and grumpy and I apologize - tomorrow will be better and I will be better for it.
What a week!


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