Sunday, May 27, 2012

1 Month Post-Op, Discharge and HOME!

Wow, I totally just realized that today, TODAY it was exatly a month ago that I had this lumbar thoracic to peritoneal shunt placement under the laminectomy (removal of lamina or bone in the spine to create space). I can say with 100% certainty that I am super happy to be on this end of the surgery and although we have some healing to do and potentially some therapy decisions to make with this catheter location and irritation I am still happy to (I know believe it or not that I am saying this) have the 2nd shunt as I do think it has kept us from having a shunt problem so soon yet and headache wise as I think I said in yesterday's update then some H/A's here and there I do feel better.

It was Dr.Bragg's partner this morning on rounds (they switch off ever other sun) and I had already been up a bit when he came by so he left it up to me whether to go home, which wasnt a hard call since I did feel better tan yesterday by far when I saw Dr.Bragg. Before getting released today we did a 4th Lidocaine drip/infusion over about 4 hours (slowed way down) and went really well at the rate we turned it eventually down to (15cc/hr) with my Mom and I playing our usual Scrabble to square away the time. I have to admit she beat me both times although I beat her when she and my Dad visited the other day. :)  Afterwards Pharmacy and all neccessary people did their things in order for me to get discharged and we got out of their arounf 6-ish I think. Ironically I think that was the best Lidocaine infusion ive felt yet. I wanted to stop at Target on the way home and get a few things since I am staying at my parents and I did feel pretty sore but it was a soreness definitely from the catheter/nerve placement but still a bit more manageavle where  I could get through the store albeir really slowly.

As far as therapy to help with the discomfort and apparent nerve irritaition from the shunt catheter in my thoracic spine I have no one clue what that might entail - ie could it be further lidocaine infusion/drips or a stronger anti-inflammatory or moving the shunt catheter - I dont really know and honestly am just going to try and not worry about it for now. I'll focus on trying to heal and feel better and minimize the pain as much as possible through things like the abdominal binder and meds and heat, careful movement, upright sleep, etc. That said I am very curious what my neurosurgeon will think when I go back and see her about healing the nerves as she had varoius ideas about the whole situation.

Tomorrow my Mom and sister are having a get-together/welcome home and should be fun with close relatives. It is hotter than blzes here so in theory could use my parents pool but I know I wont and doubt the others will either given the water is likely pretty darn cold! Non-the-less it is nice to have come home to really warm weather!! :)

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