Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 3-4 in-patient, 8 days post-op

Still here at the hospital, Dr.Bragg had the shunt turned back down this morning to low pressure as headaches and vision issues returned in less than a day after re-programming the valve back to a medium pressure valve. With a little caffeine the slight low pressure headache improves. When Dr.Bragg came by this morning and asked hoe I was feeling plus commented that she could see by my face I wasnt feeling good and she thought we should turn the shunt back down + we would manage the spine nerve irritation by trying different medication approaches and also just giving my body a chance to rest and adjust to the new big changes. I dont know when i'll get out of here but she seems to just want to really wait and see and get ahead of the spinal nerves irritation and get the pain in my mid-back and low back and down to hips, and down legs. They have ordered a heat machine sort of like a heat pack but more diverse and loner lasting/more control I guess.

Yesterday I cannot rememebr alot of what went on other tthen what I blogged about and some very, very weird conversations where I completely didnt make sense and gave the people on the end a good laugh. Good storeis for the future im sure.

I'll add to this later if I think of anything, im sure I am firgetting something.
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Nurse (Sally) and I
                                            1/2 out of it
                                                  Medtronic Strata Valve re-programmer

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