Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 6 re-admit (13 days Post-Op

Balloons and gift from the Prince Family - Atlanta, GA
Today Dr.Bragg stopped by as usual and as planned wanted to up the VP (reictly in the ventricles on the brain) shunt to the same 1.0 setting that the LP shunt was at. Her NP came by a  little later and did this but it turns out the shunt was already at 1.0 likely from the MRI the other day although the Resident had checked it then. Regardless Emily, the NP came back a little while later/this afternoon after talking to Dr.Bragg and said that Dr.Bragg wanted to give it one more day and if symptoms where still the same from yesterday to today to tomorrow we would figure out the 'next step' although I am unsure what that would be. The only other thing I can off hand remember Dr.Bragg talking about was moving the lumbar-thoracic catheter of the LP shunt if that was still irritating the nerves. She told Emily and myself her focus is really on my spine and getting this to a less painful place as I think she feels that in turn will help the remaining headaches. I am ok with that as I know she doesnt make hasty decisions.

The oicture above is of balloons I got from friends of mine whose 2 daughters also have MPS I - they are from GA and their one daughter Savannah has had alot of shunt issues herself. The balloons and flowers in the background are from my parents.

I dont know alot so will sign off with this and update again tomorrow hopefully. Please keep praying we get a good answer and for Dr.Bragg in all her amazing wisdom not to get discouraged and the same for myself in all this.
Thank you,


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