Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 5 re-admit In-patient, 1 1/2 wks post-op/In-pt.

A Thoracic MRI  was done Tuesday night per my neurosurgeon to make sure the lumbar-thoracic catheter was in the correct location and not lying directly on a nerve or the dura. This was fine.
She (Dr.Bragg) turned up the LP shunt from .5 to 1.0 to give nerves in the spine a chance to heal and become less irritated and will turn up the VP shunt romorrow - weds to 1.0 to also give equal pressure on all fronts and try to get the nerves a chance to heal and hopefully less symptoms in spine, hips, down legs and headaches.

 Dr.Bragg wants to do one thing at a time so we know when something works and dont confuse the picutre, She did also say its possible these things wont resolve the picture and we will still have to go back in and adjust the lumbar-thoracic part of the shunt catheter if the symptoms continue despite the non-invasive things we are trying.
She has been great about staying on top of the residents and making sure if there are any questions they go straight to her even if it means paging her in the middle of the night as the majority of the residents have not been conveying things the nurses or I bring up. I dont think I could ask for a more caring dr.
.                                                     Shunt re-programmer

                                              Sally and I (nurse)

Student Nurses and I
Amanda (Nurse)  and I
Tonight I took a walk down to the cafeteria with the 2 nurses above (2 K's as I am going to call them!) This was nice and exhausting and these student nurses are very nice.,

I guess otherwise things have jsut been slow and trying to heal and find the answers to whats causing my symptoms and too why the symptoms are so variable. I am glad Dr.Bragg is so willing to go about this slowly and not try to do a bunch of things at once that would likely make me feel worse and confuse the picture but I think we all also cant wait to get a answer and feel better soon,
This is just a short update and will try to  write again soon,


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