Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 3 Post op

Last night equaled about 4-5 hours asleep which is the most ive gotten since sunday night and made the night go a little faster. All meds cont most oral with the solu-cortef continuing being IV as well as 1 or 2 others PRN. (zofran, toradol). I did end up sleeping on my right side again all night which means that hip conts to be somewhat uncomfortable but there just is no sleeping directly on my back with direct pressure nor can I sleep on my left side as that pain/numbness is pretty bad and especially so with direct pressure. The ankle foot pain/tingling/numbess is also still the same and worse with any touch or with the little bit of walking ive been able to do to the bathroom or this morning to the chair to wash up for about 10 mins. My neurosurgeon stopped by and did her neuro check and ask about symptoms + said she'd stop back this afternoon right now I think she just would like to see the swelling and resulting symptoms go down some. I think one of the worst parts besides not being able to lay at all comfortably on my back or left side is that I take lasix daily and havent totally gotten back notmal bathroom function and so have to go often but takes a long time as it only is a little at a time so end up sitting there up to 30mins. Aggh!!!  Im not sure when im getting out of here, maybe tomorrow??

Will update again soon,


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  1. Erica,

    Your courage and positive outlook will see you through. Hope and pray your recovery continues on track. Your friend, Steve Chesser