Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post-op 12 - A few pictures and recovery

Lumbar spine incision - L3 down (Lumbar portion of lumbar peritoneal shunt w/reservoir and horizontal/vertical device in lumbar area of spine and also the laminotomy L3 down and nerve root decompression of spine.

Medications I came home on from the surgery 8 days post-op (lyrica, dilaudid, nitrofurontoin (sp?), ketorolac (anti-inflammatory Toradol)
Medications I take on a daily basis - a few of the meds from the hospital I will be on for a while and others I have now finished and still others are dose changes. (Hydrocortisone, Lasix, Dilitiazem HCL, Avinza, MSIR, Zofran, topamax, (fish oil, zsinc/copper, biotin)

Today was the best day yet - still shuffling around and still hard to go to the bathroom but a little better I think (or hope!!). Swelling is still pretty fierce in my legs adn especially my left leg and when that increases is when my leg pain also increases a great deal. I cant sit or stand comfortably more than 20mins and am continuing with the cane for great deal of support. I have been able to use the stairs though w/one step at a time vs skipping up them like I tended to use to. Ive been able to ciut back on pain meds some bc the pain I do have is a type that just isnt helped by any of the meds I take nad frankly it is better helped by localized pain patches ive been using (lidoderm for local numbing and flector for localized anti-inflammatory. These help significantly. Ive cont to sleep about 6-7 hrs so needless am pretty tired but other than when swelling is really bad havent had headaches which is extremely awesome!!! I ussually wake up once at night to go to the bathroom which is no quick afair due to getting out of bed slowly, walking down the hall slowly and all and then has been taking about 30-45mins to fall back asleep. 

I'll cont to update here and there.
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