Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post-op 2 weeks

It has been a slow recovery some days seem almost normal minus the L leg issue and bladder issue and other days like today are up and down and up and down due to constant numbness/burning and pain in very lower back/buttocks/L leg that is there and then gone and then there again. I think the worst part conts to be having to walk with a cane and just not having normal sensation in my lower L 1/2 including the above mentioned areas. Yesterday I had to call my nrsgns nurse and ask her who I order new cathethers through as I am almost out and I hadnt thought to ask the neurorusrgery floor nurses before leaving last tues. She in turn called urology and the case manager (im not sure who that is) and said she to had never had dealt with something liike ordering these so was an learning experience for her. My neurosurgoen must have kept her up to date on what was going on teh 8 days I was in-patient as she asked how I was doing and talked about the days initially after the surgery. I have a couple questions for thurs appt and hope also maybe they will let me start driving since the issues I am having do not affect my R leg for driving. I jsut said to my Dad earlier today maybe it was fate that I sold my saturn last fall which was manual transmission-stcik shift as that would have required both feet to drive. (I sold it a month or so after my tendon transfer surgery in my R hand as although I loved the car I wanted/needed something less intensive due to so many surgeries. Good timing I guess..

Otherwise ERT was pretty well yesterday - very hard to sit for that length and despite getting up for short periods I still felt really sore after. Ive rescheduled most other appts I have till july other than with my pain mngmt dr which is for after ERT on this coming mon. I also am going to meet my Insur Case Manager in July which should be neat - and also wie have rescheduled the UW APF meeting for beginning planning on our meeting for pain education for providers and families - that will take place in july.

Thats about it for now - will try to update after thurs appt.,


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