Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 4 Post-op

Side incision where valve sits. No picture of back incusion yet.
Physical Therapy just stopped by this morning as did Pain Coord (unofficically on my team - more a colleague through APF but has been wonderful!!!). My Neurosurgeon also stopped by about this time and all talked, exchanged each of their input. Nrsg is increasing neuromodulator for neuropathic (nerve) pain. PT is ordering a walker to help ambulate as I can walk carefully, guardedly but not able to fully extend the left ankle down so walk on tip toe with that one. PT thought initially perphaps some in-pt rehab would be a good thing but thinks that therapy while I am here on Nrsg floor and under Dr.Bragg's care and then when I do get out of here she'd like my PT to consult with them re lighter rehab without stressing the nerves that where manipulated further and thus stressed/aggrevated. So far she just showed me one exercise I can do sitting down and has one I can do starting soon laying flat with gate belt also this one laying flat will only work on the ankle to knee muscles and not aggravate the lower spine causing further inflammation.  I went down for the MRI before in a wheelchair with cushions under my, knees, hips and mid/lower back - was about 30mins and thankfully I am so exhausted today (approx 2 hours of sleep last night) so I kept dozing in and out bc I have quite a bit of nausea and some dizziness from laying down and the trip across the hospital in the wheelchair + soreness.

My Neurosurgeon just said as far as release she was in no hurry to release me as she would rather we have everything sorted out and rehab in a good place with better ambulation on my own (with the walker for short term) and better control of the nerve irritation and resulting pain/numbness and the tingling in my foot/ankle with any kind of touch including anyone touching it.  So im not sure when i'll get out my dr didnt give a timeline just that I guess more day to day - coul be today by some miracle or tomorrow or who knows.

The steroids are both now oral 20mgs of solu-cortef vs 100mgs and the dexamethasone is 6 (I think off hand) oral. Other meds are being tweeked.

Will update more when I know more,
Take care,

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  1. Erica,

    First, I am so, so happy that the surgery went well and that your nrsg is everything you needed and hoped she would be.

    Thank you for the description of the surgery that you posted a couple of days ago. I appreciated the details as they give me a better understanding of your condition past and present.

    I am sorry that the recovery is going, or at least the inpatient period, is going more slowly than you'd hoped. But I'm sure you know from hard experience that getting everything sorted out before your release is easier on you and your team and makes a lot of sense.

    I hope the nausea passes and that your mobility increases quickly! But mostly, I hope that you're able to get some sleep!

    All the best,