Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 6 Post-op (Im-patiently a Patient)

Well im still here in-patient here at UW and same lack of sensation/numbness along my lower back/buttocks/leg down to borrom of foot where any touch sends sharp tingly  feelings. Bathroom is one of the biggest challenges right now - so after each time I go the nurses have to do the bladder scan to see how much I have still in there. Fun. (insert sarcasm). I constantly feel much like i have to pee but just does not work ie sit there for 20 mins and go a little and 10mins later go a little more. My Neurosurgeon stopped by this morning as she has each morning and we chatted for a bit - she wants to get a Urology consult re starting a medication possibly ditropan I think was one (she wanted to run past uro docs and pharmacy to see about potential interactions with meds I already take).  to get better control of bladder/bowel until all sensations return to normal and if all conservative meausres fail and this continues for some time they'd have to teach me how to straight cath myself - (good lord the info ive shared on here this week - EMBARASSING - but perhaps it will all help some other family avoid some of this at some point. I honestly just never thought id be the person dealing with a walker and loss of sensations and all this deeply personal stuff. I pray and pray and pray it improves which we all do believe it will.

My Neurosurgeon did say she thought we could look at tomorow (monday) as a release date - we'd have to do the PT first to get their help on my bathing, dressing, and all other ADL's - I guess that will happen in the morning im not honestly sure. Urology would probably end up doing out-patient testing re these issues to see about overall function and we'd just take it day to day. I just said to one of the nurses today I feel alot like a normal person masquarading as a patient as if we where to take away my lower 1/2 everything minus keeping the right leg which is fine (other than deep cramping at night which apparently also can be connected to this spine stuff) I feel normal - a tired, normal person who just happens to be having 1/2 of her lower 1/2 not work right. I definitely hate that feeling when you dont quite think you belong on a floor but yet you know you do bc you need there help. My Nrsg has been the one holding out on releasing me so it's not that her or the residents or nurses/aides make me feel like I shouldnt be here as they have all been really good, it's just that I as a person feel like I could just walk out and be normal excepy I know im not bc of the add on "accessories" for now. Weird for sure!

Mu sister, Mom, nephew, neice and brother in law came to visit today for a few hours which was very nice break and I think my sister and nephew miss me as much as I miss them and it has only been a week ago I saw them. I rode in the wheelchair (dont think I could make it those long distances with the walker yet ) which although extremelt uncomfortable it was so awesome to cruise the halls, go outside, go to the cafeteria and some of hte other places we walked around to and sat at. My nephew had a blast as well!

Will update when I know more,


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