Tuesday, July 19, 2011

is there ever a rigfht time?

I always have an extremely hard time knowing when to call a doctor - do you wait till symptoms are full blown? Do you call at the fisrt sign of symptoms? (I dont) Do you try everything you can on yuor own first?
This week has been particularly bad with various symptoms both the UTI seeming to not be fully trated yet again (did the lab for my PCP yesterday at her request after last weeks nitrofurontoin antibiotics), a yeast infection (yup TMI I know) and having aweful headaches with numbness in my feet (new) and right now my hands are periodically going numb. I am so tired from gettting up multiple times (think 7-8) in a 8 hour period to go to the bathroom last night that I didnt sleep well. It all isnt really getting to me but I cant help but wish these symptoms would once and for all be treated and stay away. I wish the swelling at the shunt incision would go away. I wish I would feel a little energy (the past two days have been down right aweful - I slept through 3 of the 6 hours I was at infusion and came home and tried to fall asleep around 10:30 which didnt work so well. In addition to the swelling at the lumbar incision there has been swelling between that portion of the shunt and the side incision where the shunt H/V valve and reservoir sit but that is only intermittent so possible is just either from fluid backing up or intermittent swelling. The only reason it is noticeable is because normally I never notice the valve and reservoir are even there even when laying on that side and now any time I am on that side it is a distinct uncomfortable feeling - a feeling I didnt even have right after this last surgery) Frankly I dont know. I know I could call my PCP and go in and see the NP for the issues and see if she could help get on top of the UTI or I could call my Urology office and I also know I could call my neurosurgeons nurse who is always helpful but again it comes down to just not liking to bother these providers. I already see my neurosurgeon on thurs and just dont know that it's really shunt related headaches - so keep thinking well maybe it will go away (very possible) or maybe if I give it a few more days will be more legitimate I dont know why my brain works like this but I guess after so many years of so many drs questioning me even though I know my nrsgn believes me and knows there is hydrocephalus I still worry perhaps unfounded (but I dont think one could blame me) that if there are cont'd post-surgery complications I would scare her off to.  I rhink im afraid to lose another neurosurgeon and have another dr tel me they in essence dont believe me.  Instead id rather just deal with the symptoms no matter how bad I feel atleast till my normal scheduled fup vs calling and bothering them or being a nuisance patient. (my words) . Ooh I know as far as the urologic cont'd complications it's less than wise to procrastinate dealing with this cont symptoms but it sort of seems like well if the last 3 cycles of antibiotics didnt clear it up why would another cycle? I know, I know trial add error and I do know this!  I guess i'll lay low today if I can take layin low for a day and see how I feel tomorrow - if none of the female and urologic stuff isnt better than will call my PCP and try to get in with the NP.

Will update soon -
In all things God does know the path he has laid out for us,


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