Monday, July 11, 2011

Ooh this body of mine..

Just a quick note -there should be some new pics on the photobucket stream from over the past month. This past weekend my sister, B-inL Zander and Bella went to visit my brother and S-in-L and Sara, myself, Jenn and the 3 kids ended up taking the kids to the beach in random lake which was alot of fun and jordan + zander had a really great time playing in the sand (spent more time in the rocks than sand!) and swimming together - Zander is able to fully swim on his own without a life jacket and frequently does so at my parents house when we are all there - to the point of even jumping in front facing and back facing from the ladder and from the side of the deck (connected to the pool) and so Jordan has really taken to learning from Z which is really neat to watch.   -- Zander then spent sat night and after church and communion we met up with my sister at my parents although it was storming so no swimming.

For the past 5 or so days ive had symptoms like maybe I had another UTI/bladder infection but I wasnt really sure because it wasnt all that clear of symptoms (worse at night with some ngihts wakin up no less than 8-9-10 times) but then during the day was pretty fine. If anything due to the lasix I should have to go more during the day! Anyways I think this one which is the 3rd one since the very end of may/spine/shunt surgery has been the worst with much more symptoms once it fully hit and more painful - maybe bc the numbness is waking up a bit more? Needless sunday I ended up calling my primary medical drs on call service ( the first time ever I HATE calling and bothering docs so usually try to deal with symptoms at the very least till the weekday) - thankfull the on call internal med dr was really great and also suspected this is what it was/was able to see some of my past medical history though not the hospital reports and called in a antibiotic - nitrofurontoin again which is what I took the first time around in the hospital/just after being released. We worked out that I would take in a urine sample this morning before  I headed to childres for my infusion but I needless forgot that in the fridge. (gross huh!) so my PMD instead of having me do a new test since I already started the anti-b ordered a lab test for next mon which will be a day or soo after I finish this 7 day cycle and to confirm if it is truly gone. I also talked to Urology at UW and they have moved up the urodynamic testing a bit as well as the appt with the neurogenic-urologist (specializing in spine injury related bladder problems. The Urology nurse also said in the mean time instead of cranberry juice they really reccomend craisins a small container a day. I just was really happy both my internal med and the urology offices where helpful with this, without having actually saw me. I guess since this is the 3rd one in less than 1 1/2 months we all are used to dealing with it. =? I am going to also talk to the nutritionist about starting a probiotic given ive been sooooo many antibiotics in the last 6 months (atleast 6 pre-surgery and this will be the 4th since bc if you include the IV anti-b's and the 2 orals + this one - yikes!

Otherwise theres a few other things going on but will write about that later.
God Bless!!


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