Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Wait and see" Neurosurgery appt

Just a quick note to say that the appt went fine - I dont think this dr either remembered me or he wasnt saying anything which I sure wasnt going to bring up the past bc it's the past (doesnt mean I trust the guy anymore) and I think my recent shunt revision spoke for my authenticity as a patient and that my neurosurgeon was able to demonstrate there was in fact a problem. Initially he asked who my neurosurgeon was and I said who it is (his colleague) and he immediately responded that he remembered my case and the problems that occured as my neurosurgeon had been talking to him about me. I was a little amazed by his immediate judgement that everything is fine by just glancing at the fluid area (a perfect description of it would be the size and shape of a choc marshmallow egg - the kind you get at easter. ) but at the same time his explanattion of why it might be a benign short term problem that will go away with time made sense - he just said that this problem can occur with laminectomies like I had and the extra trauma of having the LP shunt in that area can cause it to persist for a while.  He just said that if it kept on increasing in size or the area became hardened and less 'squishy' than it would have to be addressed. I trust that explanation (hey we can trust an explanation without trusting a dr ) :)  and my only question for my own neurosurgeon will be why the fluid would have went down in the 2 weeks post-op and then 3 or so weeks later it would all of a sudden reoccur and that ques is more bc I am genuinely curious about the mechanics of these 2 surgeries together.  I have a normal scheduled fup appt next thurs with my own neurosurgeon back at the same clinic so I suspect her nurse and my nsg will want to keep this to not only monitor the site but so she and I can talk about the other post-surgery neurogenic issues and she can keep up to date/help where needed. I expect i'll  call her nurse tomorrow about this and double check if I am to keep the appt or if she'll want to move it back a week or two.

Otherwise not to much going on, my younger cousin came with to this appt and waited in the waiting area and pre-appt we did a little shopping and after went out for supper which was nice. - will update soon,


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