Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urology and feet

Quick note - talked  to my primary care doctors office today about the lab results and the nurse after calling me initially then hung up talked to my PCP's NP (also very familiar with my team/care) and then called me back again. The lab to check if this latest UTI was taken care of with the nitrofurontoin came back negative so that is cleared - we'll see for how long this time. When I asked this nurse if she had any suggestions of what might be causing these cont'd waking up 6-7-8-9+ times a night she said that my NP thought it could be from bladder spasms and they reccomende I call Urology and try to get in with the clinic ahead of the urodynamic testing or have the urology clinic call them (PCP) and see if they could work out some kind of solution to treating this till we find out whats going on. I cont to have the problems with having to cath several times a day due to urinary retention and difficulty starting urine stream in addition to the emptying so it all is probably related. The Urology clinic nurse called me back and was going to talk to the PA I saw back in June and will call me back tomorrow morning.

On a different note in PT today my physical therapist commented on how swollen my feet appeared (not ankles but feet) and that he hadnt ever seen this before in me - when I asked what he thought this was from he thought from the spine surgery, The only thing I had noticed is in slipping on sandals they appeared much harder to get on but at the time it didnt click why and they where tighter wearing also didnt click though. It simply cont's to amaze me how long out (yes 2 months isnt that long but long enough!) various symptoms cont to show up!  He also thought the feet numbness ive been experiencing the past few days could be from that.  The headaches have been cont'ing today the only time they really went away was for a period of time later this afternoon.

I fup with neurosurgery tomorrow and then have a meeting for my work with APFAN regarding advocay at UW surrounding Pediatric Pain awareness myself and the UW pain coords are interested in collaborating on together.

Will try to update tomorrow night,


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